Ladies and Gentlemen,

dear ACI friends,


on behalf of the organizing committee and the board of ACI Austria I would like to thank you for

being with us last weekend.

It really was a perfect opportunity to cultivate existing friendships and to develop new relationships.


As our special service we provide you with the following link (Thursday 29th May 2008 City Hall



Mikromann ACI Welcome Reception


Please do understand the content of this link is made just for humorous entertainment and nobody

 who was interviewed

should feel negatively affected in any way.


I hope you will enjoy it!


Additionally we provide you with the links for the business presentations of the respective speakers.


Uta Pock                                Dr. Rudolf Trink         

Bernard Connolly                   Richard Koo

Dr. Michael Heise                   Heinz Meidlinger

Mag. Alois Steinbichler


Warm regards from Vienna,



Franz Gruber

Chairman Organizing Committee

ACI-World Congress Vienna 2008

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